Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sir Shedsalot, for your viewing pleasure...

Since you asked for it...

Sir Shedsalot himself, looking regal.

Today was a completely awesome day- working at the shop was super slow, so I just sat outside in the sun and knit all day. I actually got quite the sunburn from knitting.

I also got to watch the world go by, and got lots of fun Knit-In-Public comments...

One passerby: "You've got the right idea!"

I watched a seven year old belt out Johnny Cash, and had this befuddling exchange:

Well Meaning Guy: It's a great day for outdoor knitting!
Me: It's a WONDERFUL day for outdoor knitting!
Well Meaning Guy: [something indiscernible], Good Luck!
Me: (in my head) do I look like I'm about to stab myself? What do I need luck for?

Knitting in Public... it's never dull.


Cookie said...

Such a pretty boy!

People are freaks.


Holly S. said...

I love Webster. He's so handsome.

Knitting spectators in the South would be nicer.