Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still Alive.

Although barely, it seems sometimes... It's funny easy it is to forget how hard grad school it.

It's also funny how much of a difference a really great support system makes- which is one of the reasons I haven't needed to blog so much lately, between being so close to my family and the Boyfriend- I've just been too happy and contented to feel the need to blog!

Webster got into a fight with a pomegranate seed the other night, and it looked like he was all bloody for days afterwards. It was hilarious.

Another reason for my contentedness: The view from my new apartment.

Ah, beautiful sunsets over the water.

Also, I've been knitting, although not nearly as much as usual.

Pineapple Upside Down Hat (test-knit):

Papers are going to be due soon- blogging may be part of my strategy to write more. We'll see. I hope everyone is having an amazing fall- I know I am!


Rebecca said...

Good to hear from you! Glad things are going well for you!

Cookie said...

I love that little man!


I'm so glad you're doing well. Keep it up!