Sunday, May 8, 2011


A picture of the second bobbin I have spun on my wheel:

(The first bobbin was not so photogenic. ahem.)

My lovely fiancee is actually building me a new website, so I've been reluctant to blog here as I know my shiny new blog is coming soon. But I did want to share this bit of spinning. It's pretty, and it makes me happy. But, keep your eyes peeled one of these days for a link to my very own website. (Since I'm not an actual paying client, my site keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the priority list- go figure)

I also love that when I spun this little half bobbin, I was taking a break from reading about knowledge transfer in high medieval Damascus by spinning and watching Al Jazeera, and after the break was done I was reading about race relations in Cuba and Memory in Chile. Seriously- what's not to love about this life?!

1 comment:

Cookie said...

Sounds kind of fabulous to me.

Love the spinning!