Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day

Reading the local newspaper about Memorial Day, I was struck by how many cemetaries were in my area. There were so many opportunities to stand side by side with the American Legion, or the VFW and honor the amazing men and women who have given their lives for this country. It struck me that this was a really depressing holiday.
I know that Memorial Day is about honoring those who have fallen, and remembering and mourning them is an incredibly powerful thing to do. But what better way to honor those that have died by supporting those who continue in their stead? Servicemembers that are not able to complete their mission, or accomplish their objective, are missing a part of themselves. Servicemembers want to be able to assist their comrades in their missions, and in life.
My suggestion then is this: This memorial day, certainly, stand on hallowed ground where soldiers are laid to rest, and honor their deaths. But also honor their lives, and the lives of those who still live. Fisher House and Soldiers' Angels are two great ways to support people who live Memorial Day every day.

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