Sunday, July 19, 2009

Outsmarting Webster

I've outsmarted the cat!

Before Webster flew out to GA last summer, I bought him a new cat-bed. It was very cute and I thought for sure it would be cozy and cat-friendly. His old cat bed is pretty raggedy, and it was before it made the cross-country trip. His old bed is ratty and covered in cat hair (despite regular vacuuming) and made out of foam that I'm frankly surprised still holds its shape. The new bed is lovely and has gold embroidery and is just the right size for him.

Of course, Webster has been here for almost a year now and he hadn't touched the new bed, until tonight when I finally figured out how to trick him into using this lovely new bed. Gosh, it is a sad commentary on the state of my weekend that tricking the cat is the highlight and breaks a slight blogging hiatus...

Webster loves slightly used towels, and if I throw a towel that I've used in the hallway floor instead of in the laundry basket, he will be happy for days (or until I actually clean and move the towel).

So- my brilliance led me to combine the two tonight- the towel that I know he does love and the bed that I want him to love. I put the bed in front of the television, where he likes to hang out anyways, and covered it with my favorite green towel, and waited.

Sure enough- it worked! He's sleeping on it as I type! I am brilliant! Muahahaha, I have outsmarted Webster the Wonder Cat!

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Holly S. said...

Well played, Kate!