Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I don't want to hear...

"Uh, babe, can you make dinner tonight? There's tons of leftovers, they just need to be nuked, my (fill in the body parts here) hurts and I can't really walk..."

Mind you- Ranger Man is a master complainer and whiner. But not usually about things HURTING, and not wanting to make dinner? That's completely unlike him. And of course he wouldn't tell me what actually happened until I got work, when I was greeted with:

"See, what happened was... " (never a good sign) "I had a jump today" (Ok- not terribly unusual, but also jumping doesn't usually break him) "And we were using these new parachutes. See, the Army hasn't actually approved them yet- they were testing them on the Rangers. I told them they were great in the air, but not so good once you're out of the air..."

great. parachute testing. No wonder he's all scraped up and is having problems walking...

Never a dull day!

eta: I'm pretty sure (or perhaps hoping) that by "the Army hasn't appproved them yet" he actually meant a word like "implemented" or something like that. There was some vetting process first, before they strapped the chutes on the Rangers, right?

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