Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Good Enough, redux

I thought that my FRG battles were done- I was laying low and not creating any waves, not making problems for anyone... until Friday.

I was in the archives, so I didn't have my phone with me, and when I finally surfaced I had about 8 missed calls from the same, Georgia, number. That's strange, because no one here calls me.

It's the FRG person (a different one than I'd talked to before) saying that she needs clarification on what my relation is to Ranger Man, because if I'm his girlfriend, they'll have to remove me from the FRG list.

So- impending deployment aside (his orders to not shave are coming any day)- I'm not good enough again. Humiliation, much? She'd also emailed- so I had 8 missed calls, one voicemail and one email from this woman. Apparently it was urgent that she humiliate me right then. I sent an email back this morning that was remarkably un-snarky for the way that I feel. There was a tad bit of snark- but really, considering how strongly I felt and what I really *wanted* to say to her, I was restrained.

I understand OPSEC, I do. I don't want it to sound like I'm trying to get around OPSEC and ferret out information.All I need is for someone to tell me when he's coming home so I can pick him up! But to tell me it's okay, and then to take it away? I was on the 'list' for the end of his last deployment, and for the last 6 months! Have I really been that much of a security risk?


Cookie said...

Oh, honey, I am so sorry. It's a shame that someone so disrespectful and rude is in a position of power over that list. It's amazing how petty and common some of those people can be.

lauriec said...

Sadly the FRG does discriminate against girlfriends. The idea that you're not a wife, therefore you don't count is pretty foolish as the divorce rate is fairly high in the Army.

That being said---if Ranger Man lists your as his contact person they HAVE to honor his request.

loquita said...

Let me just say... GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!

Sounds like somebody got their panties in a bunch after a training class or some other such nonsense.

I don't know anything about Ranger-world, but I hope it's like lauriec said, and Ranger Man can designate you as some who "needs to know".

That's really the kicker. You may not be able to just say, "hey I'm a wife, tell me bitches", but if he specifically requests that you be informed, and you aren't, that's seriously just some ego-mania.

My face is getting hot just typing this, ugh, sorry you have some biyatch in your face. ACK.

Bette said...

I hate that they're being like that to you. First of all, it's stupid and wrong, and second, the way it's being handled is unnecessarily mean. This makes me very upset. Idiots.