Thursday, August 27, 2009

Invite to Strip?

The actual work part of the day today was a tad boring (read- we all wanted to run away screaming), so my cohorts and I skipped the large group dinner and went to a local pub/bar and had burgers and beer instead. Much better alternative.

As I was there, I was realizing the last time I was even IN a bar was over a year ago before I left the Island and the last time I DRANK in a bar was before I even left for the Island. Wow, a long time ago. So that was interesting. I learned more about my colleagues than I had known before- it was not a negative experience.

Then, once I got back to the hotel, I was riding the elevator up to my room with two (old) men from another campus, (one of whom knew my name, which freaked me out- I'm kind of low man on the totem pole) who invited me to a party in one of their campus hotel rooms. Okay- not too bad. Then, the other old man looked at me and says, "We've even got a pole around here somewhere."

WTF? okay- I admit, I'd had a beer at this point and this may have added to my confusion. Then he tried to make some joke about the "Pole" as in, a guy from Poland, but at that point- it was a bit much. And, what are you supposed to say to that? I said "No, but thank you anyways" and left it at that- but seriously? Making jokes about poles to some random girl who happens to work for the same employer? Can you say harassment? geez.

What a day. And tomorrow is going to be even longer.

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Why do men think they can just leave their tact at the door? ACK!