Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have the most amazing boyfriend ever.

My birthday isn't until December- but he's already got my present picked out...

You see, every year in this neck of the woods there's this knitting conference. My very Norwegian self has really wanted to go, but due to funding restrictions I wasn't able to. I mentioned the event about a week ago in passing- and yesterday he hands me the registration sheet and tells me to pick my class...

Who should I pick? Nancy Bush and Estonian Lace? Evelyn Clark and Shetland Lace? What's a lucky girl to do?

The best part isn't even the fact that I get to take an amazing class from an amazing knitter. The best part is how absolutely excited he was that he was able to do something for me to make me happy. He's not trying to buy me (like others that we've seen...), he's legitimately trying to make me happy. And I think that is pretty darn awesome.

In other news- am I the only one that seems to be stocking up for the winter, stash-wise? My stash seems to be growing at a pretty alarming rate. I keep telling myself that it's all for Christmas presents, but I am beginning to realize that I am going to start getting creative with yarn storage options...

I'm still open to blog nickname suggestions for this amazing boy. I got nothing, and I refuse to call him "the civilian." Anyone?

Eek! I'm going to be in the same place at the same time as Nancy Bush and Evelyn Clark! So excited!!


Holly S. said...

Yeah, he's a keeper! Maybe you could nickname him "The Keeper". Or would that be too much of a jinks?

Bette said...

What a thoughtful guy!

I just bought another big Rubbermaid tote for all the sale yarn that was too good a deal to pass yeah, you're not alone.

ImplausibleYarn said...

Awww, thats wonderful. How thoughtful of him.
I'm terrible at picking out nicknames for anybody, I always want them to happen naturally...but they don't. For me.
exciting about your stash, I'm trying really hard not to add to mine right now as i went a little overboard last winter. Good luck on the storage solutions.

Cookie said...

How wonderful!

What's wrong with just calling him your boyfriend? :p