Friday, July 2, 2010

Why do I bother?

I think there is some sort of cosmic force that attracts Webster to my knitting. Especially when its blocking. I'm really glad that I didn't spend an hour trying to pick all the cat hair out of my Brandywine before I blocked it:

Because he moved in as soon as I was done with the pins.

What a goof. Yes, I let him stay on the shawl- he looked so comfy!

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Holly S. said...

I think he's just showing his admiration for your most excellent skills. Someone asked "The Problem Ladies" on the Twist Collective site (

Q. Why does my cat only like to chew on the really nice yarn (i.e., the cashmere/silk)? — Molly
A. Cats are superior animals. (Dogs will chew on no-dye-lot acrylic.) (We love dogs. We are just saying.)

See? It's just Webster's good taste!