Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mystic Ice, take 2

Remember the Malabrigo?

I decided it would be better for Mystic Ice. I started with the other yarn (the tencel), but I was not so convinced that I liked how it was turning out- so I frogged it all and re-cast on with the Malabrigo, and I am sooo happy with this. And it's so soft, too!


As always, excuse the lifelines.

What should I be doing right now? Working on my last final paper. Instead I was taking pictures of my knitting... sigh.


loquita said...

It *seems* like you're taking pictures of knitting, but you're just relaxing and waiting for your brain to compose that paper. You can just sit down and type that all out later. That is how I approach study breaks, anyway. :-D

Cookie said...

So pretty!

It's not like you spent your whole day taking knitting pictures.