Sunday, June 21, 2009

Safe Landing, Achoo!

Phew, we made it home.

Turkey is an amazing place- I highly recommend it as a vacation place!

What I don't recommend: long plane delays, getting a bad head cold just before 13 hours (ish? I lost track...) of flying time in the midst of a flu pandemic scare, and having to return to hot, sticky Georgia heat.

We had a fantastic time and took tons and tons of pictures which have not been uploaded to my computer/flickr due to the aforementioned bad head cold. Imagine each of these sentences punctuated with a sneeze- because that's how the last few days have been for me, yuck!

More to come, I promise! Now- back to bed.


Bette said...

Turkey! JEALOUS.

Holly S. said...

Welcome back to Georgia. Sorry you came home in the middle of a heat wave! 85 at 11pm is crazy! can't wait to see the pics.

loquita said...

Cool, Turkey! LT got to visit there while he was deployed with a MEU a few years ago. I definitely want to go someday.