Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ranger Man Meets...

the knitting group!

Apparently, it's A-OK to leave me alone in Georgia for 4 months at a time, but try to leave the Big Bad Ranger Man alone for 12 hours and he gets lonely. Normally on Monday nights I go to the knitting group and eat dinner there (we meet at a Panera).

Ranger Man didn't have to work yesterday so he was left to his own devices and after 12 hours by himself and an almost-50 mile bike ride, he was hungry and lonely, so he called and said he would meet me for dinner "with the knitters." ha!

I think he was impressed. He's always been very supportive and indulgent of my yarn habit, but I think having a bunch of people with yarn habits all in one place was a bit unexpected. He left soon after he finished eating and left me to be with my people.

Remember the awful marathon day at work with Teddy Ruxbin? Here are the socks that I started (and almost finished one of) that day:

IMG_0367 IMG_0364

Kai Mei socks, out of Yarn Love Juliet yarn in the Precious Jade colorway. This pattern is so awesome that I cast on another pair the following week (more about that to come). The yarn has a distinctive smell though- I think it might be the dye? The first picture has the colors right, the second picture is shady, but you can see the detail on the foot a bit better. At any rate, this was another pair that Webster immediately attacked. Maybe he just doesn't like me wearing socks?

Ranger Man and I are busy planning our upcoming vacation (thank you to the Army for cutting that in half, by the way!), enjoying the sunny weather and having miscellaneous other adventures.


loquita said...

Yay for vacations! :-D

Rebecca said...

Where are you going for vacation?

LOVE the socks, by the way!