Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bug Zilla

Ranger Man left today for another TDY, after being home for (I think) almost two months. He was home for a really long time and it was really nice once I finally got used to it, which was about three days ago. It was great having him around for cooking (mmm, pie!) and helping to clean in preparation for my mom coming out, and all that other little stuff that it's just nice to have someon else around for.

So he left today- and as I'm sitting in bed reading to Webster, I notice that Webster is really interested in something. Now, Webster being Really Interested in something usually means it's a bug- Webster is a Mighty Hunter After all. Because we have regular pest control in our apartment, normally the bugs aren't that bad. However, this time he found, I kid you not, a flying cockroach (waterbug? I dont know the proper Georgia bug terms. I just just know "big bug") was hopping around the wall, right behind my headboard.

Proud of me Moment: I did not scream. I calmly, albeit quickly, exited my bed and the room. I went straight for the vacuum, because I wasn't sure I possessed the strength necessary to crush the force-field type of shield that this thing had for its shell.

I got the attachments all set up and tried to do it quietly as my bug tracker is definitely afraid of vacuums and runs quickly to get away from them. I cornered the horrendous bug in my closet (on my end of the closet, mind you- not Ranger Man's side)- so I blasted my weapon of necessity at the bug, with one eye open because I was sure that it was going to fly at and attack my head in retaliation, or that all of my clothes were going to get sucked into the vacuum.

Instead, in some amazing feat of clumsy that only I can accomplish, I managed to run over a bag of batting with the upright end of the vacuum. Did you know that the upright end still sucks even when you're brandishing the long bugsucker attachment of death? Also, did you know that sucking up a bag of batting makes vacuum cleaners unhappy? So at that point, my bedroom smelled like unhappy vacuum cleaner and bag of batting.

And I missed the bastard.

Webster found him again (he's a great tracker) and was chasing him through the bedroom. For a while they were under the bed, and then all of a sudden Webster came out, sniffed around and laid down.

I have no idea what this means. Did he lose the bug? Did he eat the bug? Is he simply bored with the whole scenario? You really never can quite tell with cats. He's currently in the bathroom, but he looks pretty alert. I don't know if that means he's still got some sort of kitty-adrenaline high going on, or if he really thinks the bug-zilla is in there, but doesn't know where.

I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. I just hope BugZilla isn't after wool...

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Bette said...

Gah, that brought back memories! There are some things I miss about Georgia, but the bugs are not it.

I've heard those things called palmetto bugs or waterbugs, but I'm not a polite Southerner--to me it's a dang roach!