Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly update (minus serious talk!)

Weekly Update:

Since Holly wants to know about Webster, we'll start out with him today!

As you can see by him sitting on my shoulder, he is doing very well. It's been so warm here lately that the birds are coming out (there was a beautiful Blue Jay outside our window on Sunday), so he's been having a great time chasing the birds through the window.

The highlight of last week/this week was definitely taking a trip to Vancouver on Sunday to check out the Olympic festivities. It was awesome! The city was so packed and there was such amazing positive energy (we didn't see any protesters), it was so amazing. There were athletes walking about in the streets with their team clothes on, and it was so awesome to see everything.

The Olympic Flame! Hooray, there it is!

Also, here's a picture (from a ways away) of Olympic Village:

You can almost make out the infamous kangaroo flag on the Australian bloc.

I had an awesome time.

And then, there has been some knitting. Actually, there's been quite a bit of knitting, but I'll just share one picture today:

My ravelympics project/lace KAL project:

Citron in progress, and another Webster shot!

Those are all the exciting bits for now. Have a great week everyone!

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Holly S. said...

Thanks for the Webster pics! How cool that you got to go to Vancouver and visit! Love the pictures.