Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly update, Superbowl edition.

Since I still don't have the internet at my apartment, it looks like I'll be posting weekly when I go to my Dad's to mooch internet off of him.

So, here's my weekly update:

1. I started working on the sweater for the February Olympic knitting challenge with the LYS near my house. I'm about 6 inches into the body, working from the bottom up. I plan to get some knitting done today (football is good for something, I guess...), so I can cast on my Citron on Friday. I've also got an awesomely happy pair of socks on the needles right now, but they're taking a back seat to all of this other knitting goodness.

2. Mr. M. was up in my neck of the woods this week and we went out for drinks. It was nice to hang out with an old friend... but I am very glad that we broke up.

3. The guy that I *didn't* have a crush on in high school, who I am oh-so-affectionately referring to as "Man Candy," and I have been having a good time together. He's not at all like that first facebook message came across- he's actually a decent human being- so I'm sticking to my 2010 goal of staying happy and just enjoying having a boy that's actually around some of the time. It's very strange that he's not about to leave to go somewhere (like a deployment) right away- things can progress much more slowly. I think that's nice. However, if he thinks he's going to stick around for a while, he's going to have to get a lot more comfortable with my knitting. We went out to dinner this last week, and I left my knitting in the car because it was a sweater and it was a little too bulky. We had to wait, and I was lamenting that I didn't have any knitting with me (duh, right? what do non-knitters do when they have to wait anyways?), and he gave me a funny look and said "you don't do that, in *public*, do you?" You all can imagine my response to that.

4. Working at the yarn shop is going well, and so is my other job. I haven't bought any yarn yet, and I'm putting together ideas for classes. My Grandma is coming up to my Dad's today to watch the game, and I'm going to take her into the shop and show her around.

5. I love being able to wear warm knitted things. The weather here has been unseasonably warm for here, but for a girl who's been living in significantly warmer climates recently, it's still pretty cold. So I get to wear knitted socks and hats and sweaters and gloves... it is awesome.

6. The first draft of my thesis was submitted last weekend. I still have the intro and conclusion to finish, along with the rest of the front matter, but hopefully this draft will be approved with only minor changes.

Old FO of the week:


Wanida Socks. Knit with Knitpicks Gloss last November. The pattern was easy enough, but I had to use the chart for the beginnings of every row- you'd think this pattern would be intuitive enough that the chart wouldn't be necessary after a while, but it didn't work like that for me.

I really like wearing these socks. They fit amazingly and they're a neutral color so if I'm trying to tone down the sock-wearing for the day, these are my go-to socks.

Phew. How is that for an update? Weekly blog posts are hard!


Holly S. said...

First, OMG! He definitely needs to get more comfortable with the knitting! You need to show him the pics from the Columbus S&B facebook group. He'll just die.

Second, I've come to expect a Webster update in each post and this post was lacking a Webster update. How is my favorite Pacific Northwest feline?

Bette said...

You knit in *public*? Shameless hussy!

Sounds like you've got some training to do.... ;-)

Kate said...

The socks are beautiful! You know, I've come across patterns that seem easy enough to remember, but there's something about them that just wont stick! Sometimes, you just have to keep the eyes on the pattern! Good luck with the man candy!