Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Update:

Today's weekly update will include:

Webster (of course), writing, knitting and a short segment on transitioning back into civilian life.

So, as I posted earlier, I finally turned in the first complete draft of my thesis. I'm not finished yet, but I am hopefully very close. Now, if we can just convince my advisors to read the gargantuan monstrosity... then we'll be doing even better.

Webster had a good week- we didn't do anything terribly exciting, but I was home for much of the afternoons/evenings this week so he was happy.

Here he is deciding which book to read next- surveying my bookcase making skills.

I'm almost done with my Citron, although sadly I have no pictures. I'm trying to figure out what dto do about my sweater- as there will be a mad rush to finish both this weekend.

I have my next project picked out- the Geodesic cardigan from the latest knitscene. I just happen to have two skeins of malabrigo laceweight in my stash, and the 60 degree weather we've been having lately is leaving me longing for sundresses and lightweight cardigans (I know, the el nino summer here in the PNW is not going to be conducive to that, but... a girl can dream, right?)

And on transitioning back into civilian life and civilian relationships...

I find that I am still highly sensitive to people complaining about their spouses- especially complaining about 'how hard' it is if their spouses are gone for a night or two. Ugh. Give me a break. I truly hope that this feeling never leaves, and that I am able to appreciate that people are around forever. On the other side of this coin, I have a hard time not thinking that people are about to leave all the time. It is very strange to me that ManCandy doesn't need to spend every waking moment with me... because he's still going to live ten minutes away tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. He can also take his cell phone to work with him and tell me about his job. It's totally bizaare.

Also in breaking news about the Civilian World... "stinky" does not mean the same thing. Stinky to me is when you've been in the field for three weeks with only one uniform in 100 degree weather with 100% humidity. Stinky is also the boonie cap that you wore throughout your year long desert deployment and didn't wash because it was unlucky. When you're a merchandiser and you've worn your uniform for two days in a row in 50 degree weather... that does not qualify as stinky to me. Maybe a little less than clean- but "stinky?" Not so much.

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