Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ask and I shall receive...

Two awesome dates with a civilian.

That is all.

I'm editing this because that is not all- I want to talk about this one.

For our first date, he suggested that we go to my favorite restaurant (a small, local place with a great view and awesome fondue). We sat and talked for a while- about all kinds of things. Then, one of his bosses walked in- so I met his boss on our very first date.

Today, he emails me and says that since his boss met me the other night, the boss extended an invitation for me to a company dinner event thing that was going on tonight. So- tonight we had our second date and I met his entire company and their families. Non-traditional, yes. Trial by fire, right?

I actually spent the evening discussing my thesis and history and actual real things. His other boss (the one I hadn't yet met), grilled me throughout dinner about history and my choice to become a historian and to study modern historical conflict- and I held my own in the conversation.

Towards the end of the night, there was some discussion (not with me) that involved the pulling out of the iPhones to check some facts- at which point I leaned over to my date (who apparently seriously needs a good nickname) and mentioned that I knit my iPhone a sweater. He not only wanted to see my iPhone sweater, but then asked if he could show it to his boss. Turns out, the boss that I met originally is actually a knitter himself.

Walking me to my door, my un-nicknamed date tells me that, while this certainly wasn't a test of any sort (we joked about it on the way there)- that I performed well and held my own in some tough conversations.


for good measure, here's the little man after my shower last night:


Cookie said...

How wonderful!

Love that little man.


Holly S. said...

This one sounds promising! Scratch Webster's head for me.