Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was quite possibly the best day ever.

It started out with a HARD two hour workshop with (literally) a belly dance superstar. You can check her out on Youtube here- she's phenomenal. It was basically two hours of drills, and I'm going to be feeling it for a few days. Right afterwards I went to the grocery store and was holding my abs the whole time, halfway afraid that they were just going to fall off my body.

I went home and took a little nap, then spent the rest of the afternoon baking brownies, before heading back into town to watch a performance by the aforementioned amazing dancer and some other local dancers. It was an evening of awesome dancing and hanging out with my dance friends.

Then, after all of *that* was done, I spent the rest of the evening with a certain Naval Aviation Officer...

Dance, Brownies, More Dance (I knitted a bit before the performance, and I wore Tuscany to the show, so there was totally knitting involved), and then a cute boy. Best. Day. Ever.

Oh yes, there was some of this too...

Snuggle time! He looks like he was about halfway through a bath in this picture- scraggly cat!


Holly S. said...

Aviation boy can't be as cute as the cutie pie pictured in your blog!

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!