Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attention Students:

This just in:

I can hear you. When you're griping and whining and complaining about your professors... I can hear you.

And I talk to those professors. I don't think you want me knowing exactly how you feel about them!

Please, save the "I hate Prof. X" talk until I leave for the day.

Also- just for your edification- if Prof. X says that you need to turn in a paper with 1000 words, and your paper doesn't have 1000 words... no. You have not met the requirements of the assignment, and Prof. X has every right to point that out and penalize you for it.

One more day in this quarter, just one more day...

Edited to add a note to the Nighttime Security Guard, who just asked me if I was "sure" that the students in the library weren't taking a test. Um, dude, seriously? I'm pretty sure I would know if I were administering an assessment of some sort.

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