Monday, May 4, 2009


I did not finish that paper yesterday. I got five more pages done, and so I have five left. I failed on my mission yesterday. This paper has been HARD to write.

Is it bad that I'm really glad Ranger Man isn't coming home this week because I don't want to deal with any more stress? They can keep him this week. I'll start lobbying for his return after this week is over.

I did run yesterday though- so I ran, I wrote 5 pages, and I ate enough... I think that's a somewhat productive day. If I'd had a full weekend of days like that I would be done with this paper now. Instead I had to work- yuck. And now I'm back to work today, for hell week.

I must be stressed, I've been doing some yarn shopping lately online... way too much, but yarn is so soft and makes me feel better!

Here's a picture, for example. I actually got this for Christmas: Mountain Colors Bearfoot. (Barefoot? I should go find the ball band... )


See? Don't you feel less stressed now? I may take yarn to work with me this week, to put on my desk.

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