Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Death Monkeys

I'm a sock making machine lately. I've got three pairs about to be off the needles, but here's the latest completely finished project:


Monkeys, using Wollmeise. Saami colorway. The entire pair took about a week- Monkeys are the quickest socks ever. Webster, however, apparently doesn't like them. You can see his face, but you can't see the death in his eyes...

I put these sock on and immediately, he decided that those brightly colored things He was not happy. Of course, I wasn't happy because my feet were inside the socks that he was attacking, and he has sharp little teeth! It's so weird how he reacts to some yarn with absolute hatred and vehemence and he absolutely loves other yarns.

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Holly S. said...

Oh, my gosh! Webster is so funny. Maybe it's a cat thing: I was babysitting the other night and trying to teach a 7-year-old to knit. The cat kept trying to eat her acrylic yarn, but when she went to bed and I was working on yet another Toto, Lulu could care less about my cotton yarn. Maybe she hates synthetics.