Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Call me Ms. LovesToRant

The Way To Annoy the Library Worker/SGA Advisor/Community Service Coordinator #897:

2.5 hours before a big meeting to plan for a brand-new and very exciting event, when I am frantically typing with my eyes glued to my computer and have an even greater amount than usual of random books and papers strewn across my desk-

Be sure to ask me what my ideas are. This will not only disrupt my train of thought, but it will take time away from preparing for said big meeting. Thus- doubly annoying me.

Especially if you had volunteered to contribute ideas but didn't follow through, leaving me to do it all.

OMG. seriously? The world does not revolve around you, Mr. Snowflake student. Since you obviously did not care to help out before hand, you will have to wait like everyone else for me to explain the process. Seriously, I think it's like some sort of a drinking game for them or something- how much can we annoy Ms. Library Worker today?


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