Friday, August 7, 2009

Turkey Knitting

So.... flying to Istanbul from Georgia takes about 15 hours. Then there are layovers: We flew from Atlanta to Philadelphia, where our flight was delayed and from Philly to Paris, where we had missed our connecting flight and had to wait another 6 hours, and then finally Paris to Istanbul. All in all, over 24 hours.

I brought sock knitting, of course (and an extra set of DPNs in my checked luggage in case anything went awry with security on the way there), and cast on a pair of socks after we had boarded the plane in Atlanta. I knit almost the entire time we were sitting down (we spent some time wandering around airports because we were tired of sitting)- but it was still a good chunk of knitting at one time, and it helped ME to not be annoyed with all the delays. Ranger Man did not have such a soothing mechanism and was not pleased. I finished all but the toe of the first sock before we landed in Istanbul:

I finished the first sock in the evenings while we were in Istanbul and cast on the second sock. Then, I got sick and rather than having super-knitting-productive plane rides home (without flight delays, literally only took 15 hours, thank goodness!), I spent the entire time blowing my nose and being miserable. The thought of looking down at my knitting and encouraging the snot flow was not appealing, not to mention that my eyes were watering so much that I couldn't keep them open that long (how's the for graphic, sorry guys). Ugh, it was terrible. Plus- the first flight I literally thought my ears were going to explode due to congestion and air pressure. Not fun. So the second sock took longer than 48 hours. But as you can see, they're completed nonetheless. I made them an inch longer than my feet, so they will be a Christmas Present for someone. I just need to figure out who!

Pattern: Sunshine, by Cookie A from Sock Innovation.
Yarn: Elann Sockittome in the Rose Wine Colorway


loquita said...

I'm glad you didn't run out of yarn! One of my journeys where I was uber-delayed I crocheted 2 skeins of yarn, and hadn't brought any more. Booooo. But that was an afghan, so probably a whole different animal than sock knitting. :)

loquita said...

PS - How's the writing going?