Monday, August 17, 2009

A little bid of this and a little bit of that

Weirdness. This feels very surreal and strange.

The TDY that was pushed back has now been cancelled altogether. For those keeping track, that leaves Ranger Man without any major movements of any long lengths of time for about four months.

Four Months? What on Earth am I going to do with him for four months straight? This weekend we had to have a talk about how if he wants to get a workout on his bicycle, he needs to go ahead and go for a ride without me. That he can do that because we don't just have the weekend together before he leaves again, so he needs to workout and he's going to need to leave me at home, and not feel guilty about that. Of course, it is hard to take my own advice and I still feel guilty when I try to write and he goes into another room to leave me alone to my random out-loud outbursts and attacking the keyboard (writing is kind of a loud process for me).

But really, that's a long time. I don't know how to have him home for that long...

Luckily, I have knitting. I finished Chapter 1 last weekend. OKay- I finished the draft and I figure that the yarn reward was partly to reward/motivate the draft completion and partly to make me feel better because first drafts are always crap and hopefully the edits will be brutal. So...

I am planning on making Liesl, and I ordered some Rowan Summer Tweed in a powder blue color to make it. I think a cotton/silk blend will be a nice garment for mid-Summer Georgia. I may have also ordered another skein of sock yarn- with the WEBS discount, the sock yarn ended up being about $1, so I really couldn't resist!

I leave you today with pictures of another completed pair of neverending socks of doom. Ranger Man's Dad is one of the best knit-wear receivers I know (ranks high up there with my Grandma, who is another knitter)- so it is ONLY for him that I would go through this again:
IMG_0047 IMG_0046

(Yes, the ends have been woven in since I took the pictures). Sorry about the cat butt- If I try to get cat Head in the picture, he attacks the socks and heaven forbid I try to take a picture without the King of The House in it at all!

These pictures doesn't fully capture the hugeness that are size 14 socks on size 1 needles.
Plain Vanilla Socks, The grey is Knitpicks Essential/Stroll/Whatever they're calling it these days and its tweedy. The Brown is Elann Sockittome in some sort of brown colorway. Nutmeg or something like that.

For being GIGANTIC socks, they only took about 3 weeks. By contrast, the last pair of plain vanilla socks I did for my womens' size 6.5 socks took 1 week.

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loquita said...

It is definitely weird the first time they're around for more than a few weeks at a time. LT and I are still trying to figure out our way of dealing with the "you do your thing, i'll do mine" situations.