Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snuggles For Food

A pair of socks!

Plain Vanilla, I knit the first sock on the plane on the way to the PNW for Thanksgiving and didn't finish the second sock until Christmas. My knitting mojo seems to have disappeared. This is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn in the Autumn Bounty colorway. I love the little stripes- they make me happy!

I may have also gone out with the guy that I *didn't* have a crush on high school yesterday, and he may have turned out to be a decent guy. There is more to it than that... but I'm not telling yet!

Ranger Man is following the saga with firefighter Mr. M closely, which I think is hilarious. We have also devised a program based loosely on Webster's latest dinnertime diversion tactics whereby the UN could proved a food-for-snuggles program. He seems to think it would work (since it's so nice when Webster does it), but I think that it may violate some human trafficking provisions.

Yes- that is the kind of week that I have had. Random and at times completely insane. Expect the trend to continue!

That is all for now. But tomorrow, the epic knitting month of February 2010 will begin. Watch out, here I come!


Cookie said...

Cute socks!

It's not a week without some boy/man weirdness, is it?


Kate said...

Love the socks! Can't wait to hear more!