Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chalk one up to the Island

Today the Island won... the tentative truce of yesterday was flagrantly violated multiple times.

My work schedule had me scheduled to start work at seven this morning. My boss called last night to confirm, and the message he left me said seven thirty. As it was after-hours, and I couldn't call and confirm, I went with the most recent set of information that he had given me and aimed to be there at seven thirty. Of course, the bus was late, so I clocked in at seven thirty four, which I admit was late. However it was really late if one didn't recall telling me to come in at seven thirty, I was really late. And of course it's my fault.
And then I'm driving this ginormous van thingy, which granted isn't really that ginormous, except that I'm used to driving an Accent, which is a teeny tiny commuter car... and the way to the Kis all twisty and windy... but I didn't drive fast enough of course.
Then- taking the clients back to the 'Kis... one of the women is pregnant, with morning sickness... so she is literally - not exaggerating- puking into a dry bag most of the way there. That was my welcome into driving to the 'Kis... Luckily I didn't have class today, because I wouldn't have gotten back in time, I probably would have been late- I tried to convey to my boss that I absolutely had to be back to the shop by five in order to make it to class on time, but he tried to feed me some line about how normally they make it back by quarter till blah blah blah- and I tried to tell him it was because of construction- whatever, hopefully he's right.

On the bright side... Mr. Ranger Man is starting to be back to normal after his vacation. It wasn't that he was mean or volatile or anything- but he was acting a whole lot more like a stupid boy than he normally did- I could tell that he had spent too much time holed up with a bunch of other dudes without enough female interaction... but today he was so wonderful- like normal... I sure wish that he didn't have to just be wonderful over the phone!

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