Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pillow Shopping

Mr. Ranger Man has the most pathetic pillow I have ever seen. It is not much thicker than if he were to take his sheet and fold it in half a couple times, that would be about the thickness of this pillow. So he's depressed because even though he's back in the US, we're still not actually together, so when he goes to bed at night, all he has is this little pillow which is depressing anyways. So for about three weeks, I've been trying to convince him to get a new one, trying to tell him that it will help him feel better to be a little bit comfortable in his lonely bed in the barracks if he will just have a pillow that isn't depressing in and of itself.

The argument that I had to use was this: He's not buying a pillow for him, he's buying a pillow for us. I'm going to send him one of my pillow cases sprayed with my perfume, so it will smell like me, and it will be OUR pillow. And I told him to call me when he was at the store (I'm assuming he went to the PX) picking it out, so we could pick out OUR pillow together.

What an ordeal! He called me and just by the way that he answered the phone I could tell that something was wrong, he was all sorts of bumming about having to buy a pillow for himself, and trying to get him to describe the pillows to me was like pulling teeth ("they look like pillows" is not helpful!) Anyways, somehow "we" managed to pick one out... so Mr. Ranger Man now has a new pillow. I'm hoping that being comfortable at night will help him to feel better about being by himself. Although, we've never really actually been together, so I have a hard time determining what the problem is- sure, we've spent a weekend together here and there, but never for any protracted length of time... so this should be what we're used to, right? He just wants to be with me as much as he can, and I can't say that I blame him for that, I miss him too!

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