Friday, September 28, 2007


Okay, that may have been a little harsh. Not all spouses are mean, some of the are actually pretty awesome. However, there are enough of them that look down their noses at me (and I fully admit that I tend to be over-sensitive), that they are the primary reason that I wear a ring on my finger to avoid questions and never ever volunteer the information that I am a Ranger Girlfriend. But- I do want to make it clear that I do not feel animosity towards all wives, it is more a trepidation type of feeling towards those that I either don't know, or that don't know about Ranger Man.


Bette said...

As a longtime girlfriend, I was kvetching about this topic to a very cool Army wife. She explained that it probably isn't snootiness or animosity on the wives' part, but rather that young soldiers tend to run through girlfriends quickly, and the wives don't want to get attached to a girlfriend just to see her kicked to the curb.

That made sense to me, and I've mostly calmed down about it. I used to try SO HARD to fit in with the Army life and people, and it frustrated me SO MUCH that I wasn't included.

Now that I've basically blown the Army off and am concentrating on living my own life to the fullest, I'm much happier. After all, if my sweetheart were an accountant, I wouldn't knock myself out trying to fit in with the accountants' wives.

Don't get me wrong: I'm immensely proud of my boyfriend and his career choice. But I'm no more an Army girlfriend than he is an editor (my job) boyfriend.

Maybe this attitude seems hostile or anti-military, but that's not at all what I intend. For now, it's merely helping me keep my sanity. :-)

KJ said...

Yes- I have to say that I am slowly getting less fed up with it- as long as I don't tell people I'm a Ranger Girlfriend, usually it's okay. If I talk to someone and it turns out they're cool, then I tell them. I love what you said about how he wouldn't define himself as an "editor boyfriend." I just hate the looks I get sometimes...