Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flying Cats!

Okay... so getting a cat to Atlanta- not so much fun. I was not real happy today reading the guidelines for accepting pets- they say that if it's going to be hotter than 85 degrees you can't check the pet. And yes, Webster the King is not a happy traveler, he yowls and yowls in the car, not to mention that he is fluffy and sheds like nobody's business when he gets stressed and would probably give someone with feline allergies a heart attack... plus I think he's too big to fit under the seat, so checked it is. but 85 degrees? It's hot in Atlanta! Way hotter than 85 in July... so that was my unhappiness for the day. Until I figured out that if you fly overnight it doesn't get so hot! So, tomorrow I'll be making phone calls about flying my spoiled little kitty across the country- wish me luck!

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