Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whisper Lace Socks

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These are whisper lace socks, done in Lazy Perry Ranch's Periwinkle colorway. I actually took this picture a few days ago- the first sock is done now and I'm about to cast on for the second. Although... I may rip out the toe and do something different, the toe ended up being much longer than what the pattern said, so what was supposed to be a sock that would fit size 6.5 feet is probably more like a 7. I wanted to make these for Ranger Man's friend E., but as the first one is currently knitted, it will not fit her foot. so... I'm not sure, and the major problem is that I don't think I actually know anyone with that size foot, so I don't know who else to gift these to! Decisions, decisions.

On the bright side, I finally found my camera last night- so maybe I'll be able to take some Island pictures and post them before I leave.

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