Sunday, November 30, 2008

Early Christmas

We went out on Black Friday- the only time I've ever gone shopping on Black Friday and it was so worth it. We got a washer and dryer! Sears had some amazing deals that I'd been watching for weeks. We ended up getting the pair for about what it would have cost for just the washer regularly! I am so excited that I can finally do my own laundry in my own home without having to go to the laundry room to do it- I hate it when strangers can see my underwear!

I can't even find the washer or the dryer on the Sears website any more, otherwise I'd add a link.

All in all on Friday we went to Sears, Jo-Anns, Starbucks and the grocery store. Obviously the grocery store was deserted the day after Thanksgiving, and Jo-Anns was much less crowded than Sears- which still wasn't that bad... But the Starbucks was insane. Holy cow apparently people need to be caffeinated to shop (which I get), but the Starbucks people were just not equipped for the onslaught- I bet we waited more than ten minutes after placing our order before getting our first drink and another five minutes after that to get the second one. We had a grand time talking and people-watching in the meantime, but I did think it was interesting that of Sears and Starbucks, Starbucks won the Crazy Black Friday Crowd award, in my book.

Oh, and we saw Dark Knight yesterday. Ranger Man loved it and I closed my eyes and bawled through the whole thing. If there hadn't been people sitting on either side of us, I probably would have gotten up and waited in the lobby. Creeped me out much to much. It was fun to go to the movies though, like a date or something!

And because I really have nothing exciting (besides the laundry machines!) to say... Here's some Georgia Tree-Action!


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loquita said...

OMG, I went to see Dark Knight with LT, and I accidentally went to the theater with an IMAX screen. A 2-story Joker was pretty much one of the most disturbing images I have ever seen. *ick*

Yay no more laundry room! Sounds like you got a really great deal. :)