Monday, November 24, 2008

Egg Nog, Egg Yuck.

I love Christmas. My birthday is Christmas Eve- so I have always been the worst kind of Christmas nerd. In deference to those around me, I will wait until Thanksgiving, but at that time- the Christmas Carols go on, the Christmas moves get watched... I love it so much. I even love it after 5 years working retail in (gasp) malls for 3 of those years- I'm a diehard. Although, I won't lie- Macy's at Christmas does more than fulfill the need for Christmas songs. But I digress.

So eggnog is sort of Christmas-y, but more simply holiday-y, so I didn't think it was breaking the Thanksgiving rule to get some Eggnog at the store the other night. It was Vanilla Eggnog, which I had never seen anywhere on the West coast, so I was excited to try it. And yum! it's really good. (Sidenote: good in coffee too!).

Downside to this lovely eggnog: Webster also, apparently, thinks it is lovely and when I left my glass on the table to wind the yarn, he hopped up on the table (bad Webster!) and helped himself. Ranger Man and I learned, about ten minutes after we detached the cat from the glass of eggnog- he was really going at it- that kitty tummies and eggnog are not a good combination. Ranger Man now calls it Egg Yuck. Poor Webster.

I'm excited because I've only got two days of work and then a 5 day weekend! My goals for this weekend:
  • Graft the toes on the two pairs of socks that are sitting on my coffee table that are completed except for the grafting.
  • Finish the book I'm reading for my final book review for this semester.
  • At least outline that book review
  • Start reading for this final major paper of the semester
  • Eat lots of pie.

Looks like a good list to me!

Webster before the egg yuck... Ranger Man playing with beads:


Poor kitty...

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Rebecca said...

Poor Webster! Hopefully that will teach him to stay out of the eggnog.