Saturday, November 29, 2008

Google's funny!

I am not the only person who gets creeped out by random friend requests/what have you on facebook. Someone got to my blog by googling "friend request creeped out" of course, for a while there, I was getting quite a few hits off of "barracks whore," although it looks like I'm (finally) off the first page of google for that search.

It does make me wonder- what are people actually looking for by typing "barracks whore?" pictures? tips? how to become one? where to find one? It makes me laugh.


lauriec said...

We'll go onto post some evening & by 3bde's barracks & I'll point them out to you!

Rebecca said...

That is SO funny! someone came to my blog by "my boyfriend paints my toes pink." For the record my boyfriend has never painted my toes!