Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week in Review

Finals week at work has thus far been interesting, and there are two days left (Thursday and Monday).

The ethics class has the opportunity to submit their final essays early and compete in an ethics essay contest- the winner of which gets some token prize. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to grade the essays... h.o.l.y.c.o.w. painful experience.

Thankfully, the prof took pity on us graders and only sent us the 9 "best" essays out of the 23 that were submitted. I made sure to thank her for that as the 9 "best" were all still pretty terrible. There were one or two that may have been OK, C type papers, but they were the best of the bunch. One of the papers didn't mention ETHICS at.all. It was probably the most well-written essay and easiest to read, but it had nothing to do with ethics, which is what the paper was supposed to be about.

There's also been a gaggle of rumors flying around that were addressed in an SGA meeting, so now I get to meet with them and explain why you can't discuss rumors in an official capacity in an open forum meeting on campus.

The powers that be decided that it would be fun to do a new student orientation during all of this and while classes are still in session. So yesterday was filled with botched orientations. (13 is not a small group of students when I only have 11 chairs in the library).

Blegh. How's that for a bunch of complaining? On the good side: I'm working on a new sock. I have a (very) rough timeline for when Ranger Man might be coming home. I'm a little bit ahead in my readings for class. Oh- and it looks like I may get to teach one class during the fall! yay!

Gratuitous Adorable Webster Picture (From us taking a nap a couple weekends ago)
Edit: You can totally see the thumb on his paw in this picture. My cat is cool because he has opposable thumbs!


One more day and it's the weekend! Finally!

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