Monday, March 2, 2009

what a weekend.

Isn't weird weather a sign of the apocalypse?

Let's review the weather here in Georgia over the weekend:

Saturday Morning: Thunderstorms and Tornado

Saturday Afternoon: 70 degrees and Sunny

Sunday Morning: Snow

All day Sunday: More snow and occasional very loud claps of thunder that scared the bejeezus out of one particular cat and girl.


It was nice and all- curled up on the couch with a book/knitting, purring cat, hot chocolate and hand knit socks was great. But it was also very strange. Webster loved it though- he loves watching snow fall down.

Also frustrating as my school (the work one) is the ONLY school in town that wasn't closed/delayed. Ugh. Not that there is any need for closure- the roads are clear- but still, a day off would have been nice. Especially now that its sunny again! ; )


Holly S. said...

Welcome to the South, Kate! This is actually perfectly normal late winter weather here.

Wacky, but normal.

In high school once, they had to let us out early the last day before spring break because it had started to snow. By the time spring break was over I had a tan from laying out in the back yard.

In college we were laying out on Saturday, then Monday it snowed and some professors didn't show up for class - which they didn't cancel. Boy, were we mad.

loquita said...

Thunder snow!