Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knitting Update

Remember the Mystic Ice Shawl?

If you don't, don't worry about it. It was frogged. It was too complicated for me right now- I actually frogged it back in January (frog means ripped out to you non-knitters- I completely un-did the whole thing). After I had rewound the ball, I realized it was a darn good thing I frogged it because I had been knitting it completely wrong anyways- the chart is repeated once, and it should have been done as a mirror image rather than a regular repeat. So the shawl would have had to have been frogged anway. Sigh.

Anyway- now the malabrigo is growing up to be something else, and it is much happier (watch out- that last link is a ravelry link).

IMG_0183 IMG_0188

It's much bigger than this now- in fact the body is completely done (a little more than twice the size it is above). All that's left is the edging (and to figure out how to do the knitted on lace edging), but I realized that I don't have the proper size DPNs (Double pointed needles for the non-knitters, they are exactly what they sound like). So, this is on hold for a while- the likelihood that any of the big-box stores around here have the correct size is slim-to-none with my luck, so I'll have to order them. Darn, more yarn shopping.

And the sweater? I bit the bullet and figured out the darn sleeves. I think I also may have inadvertently figured out how to magic-loop in the process, thank goodness for long cables on my circular needles. Go me.

** Also- note the lack of lifelines. All the other pictures of my lace have had lifelines. This pattern has been a ton of simple, almost-mindless fun **

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Cookie said...

I'm so glad you frogged it before you finished it and found the error. The new shawl is lovely. I've always wondered about that pattern.

If you need any help with the edging, I may be able to help. I knit on the edging for my red lace. It's not as bad as it seems.

I didn't use DPNs, btw. I used my Options tips. Worked just fine. Just a thought.