Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For all you work-out/creative types (two things that are not usually combined, but I know that there are both people that are fitness crazy and people that are creative that stop by here every once in a while, and this venture combines both. Perfect!)

I'm the team captain of an inter-campus fitness challenge thingy at work- basically people sign up to be on the team and then track the miles that they run/walk/cycle/whatever.

I want to somehow visually track people's progress in the staff lounge so there's some motivation- but I know that we're going to have people who struggle to get in 2 miles each week, and others that are going to do upwards of 20 miles each week, so I don't want to just have a number of miles race to the end of the timeline- I want to somehow represent that each participant is working hard and accomplishing something important to them.

I have some little sneakers to use for place markers to represent each participant, now I just need to figure out what I can measure and represent in public that is going to be motivating for everyone. Perhaps something cumulative to emphasize that it's a team effort? (the mileage gets averaged together each week). Maybe we need to set some sort of group mileage goal or something? Or the number of times per week the participants run/walk/cycle? What would be motivating, but not time consuming? I thought about asking them to set weekly goals, but that would be too much effort I think.

Any suggestions?


loquita said...

Giving this some thought... No ideas at the moment, but I will think about it...

I agree that it would be best to do something that doesn't make the 2 milers feel like they're achieved less than the 20 milers...

loquita said...

OK, I have a thought on this.

Bar graph with weeks across the bottom and team miles as the y axis. Each week you create a column on the graph with that week's total miles. And you incorporate the names of all participants. Maybe do something with each participant to indicate the number of weeks that they have contributed miles? Like group them together in some way?

Hope that helps. :) I like exercising, but I'm not the most creative person, visually. That's why I write. :)