Saturday, April 11, 2009

A bit of a question

Seriously, y'all, the Italian guy was attractive.

I have a question for you fitness types: I have a small problem, which is one of the major reasons I didn't do much "working out" for the last few years: the more I exercise, the less I want to eat. When I was climbing seriously, I had my parents around to force me to eat, but when I left for college, I had to pretty much stop working out because I wasn't eating anything and that was kind of bad (no freshman 15 for me!). But that was years ago- and I thought that I was over that particular eating issue.

Apparently not. I've been running lately, and dancing, and eating has become a problem. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I completely crazy? It's not that I don't get hungry (although, I don't get hungry as much as I should have), it's that eating is the most unappealing activity. It doesn't have anything to do with body-image or weight issues, I just don't want to eat.

Ranger Man is really supportive and his emails keep asking if I've eaten and being very encouraging, which is amazing. He's very good at supportive, but I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem- he never had eating issues, and after Ranger School he eats anything and everything.

Knitting-wise, I seem to have a casting-on problem. I haven't gotten very far on anything, although I've got several socks on the needles and a mitten. Apparently- also- I am incapable of reading charts. Which has stalled the shawl (it was supposed to be garter stitch. I knit it in stockinette, but I managed to follow the border chart in garter stitch, so I'm trying to decide if the contrast is a wonderfully quirky design element, or an irreparable mistake).

For now, I'm watching "The Sound of Music" until bedtime. Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


loquita said...

I think I have experienced something like what you're describing -- after exercising, I'm just not as hungry, and don't *want* to eat as much as I do when I'm not working out as much.

But it's never been to the point where I have to force myself to eat because it's so unpleasant...

What about changing the time of day that you run? So that you have a long period of time after exercising where you can let you body get out of exercise-mode and get back into eating-mode? Just a thought -- because I know for me, the longer it is after exercise, the more "normal" my hunger feels.

Maybe someone else can offer something a bit more helpful! :)

As for knitting, I am definitely no help there. I can barely cast-on to knit a simple scarf. :-p

Tiffany said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through other military-related blogs. I am a military girlfriend as well, more specifically Marine Corps.

Anyway, I read your post on working out and not being hungry and I can totally relate. I used to play volleyball religiously and the workouts, training, and actual game days would completely turn me off from eating completely. Eating was the last thing my body wanted to do. This led to a problem, and I realized I had to make myself eat. Now, after I work out, I make sure I eat within an hour of working out. If I don't, my body never gets hungry the rest of the day. So I eat something, even if I don't want to, and not only does it make me feel better, but it revs up my appetite for the rest of the day to its normal levels. Don't know if that works for everyone, but I know it has worked for me.

Sorry if that was a bit long-winded. I'm glad to have found another military girlfriend blog and I look forward to reading more! = )