Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For my Single Sistahs...

Apparently the archives are the place to go to meet hot young Italian men.

I am not joking. My fellow researcher this week is (apparently) a very intense scholar, very Italian and very attractive. The scholar part is the only part I cannot personally attest to- although he's absorbed in his research. The other two parts... yum. That was so not what I was expecting at the archives.

The archivists (for the most part) are definitely not as intimidating as I was expecting, and are actually a bit helpful as long as you play by the rules.

I am, however, exhausted as I've spent the last two days driving, reading documents and then driving some more. Last night Webster and I crashed at 8pm, and it's now 8:30 tonight, so it's past our bedtime!

Seriously. The archives are the place to be, yo. There are cute boys there!

(I think it's time for Ranger Man to come home. I'm checking out boys at the archives...)


Cookie said...

Yes, I think that is a sign that your man needs to come home soon.

Or send you more yarn. ;^)

Holly S. said...

Thanks for the tip!

loquita said...

You crack me up. :-p

My signal that I needed LT to come home is when I started thinking the geeky boys @ work were cute. Yikes!