Monday, April 13, 2009

A new Language

I'm learning a new language... Ranger Man has block leave coming up after he gets back and we're going on a trip.

Mr. Culturally not-so-sensitive (um, Rangers aren't known for their finesse- that's what SF is for!**) is convinced that we can get by with his little bit of German, my little bit of French and relying on people in this other country to speak English. I think that we should at least make an effort to learn some of the official (and primary) language!

We picked a place that will look good on my CV, but that I won't actually feel compelled to do any real research at, and a place that is known for its amazingly diverse history and even its textiles! So there will be history, beauty (it's mostly a pretty place, I think), fiber, and even dancing! Any guesses where we're going?

We've still got a while before we leave. Heck, Ranger Man has to come back first! But it's been a great break from reading archival government documents to do some light travel reading (I got the travel book with the most pictures. Because it had the most pictures.). It's also been relaxing and non-pressure-y. Regular research is full of pressure to finish this paper, to write that thesis and make some amazing discovery to get published (yeah, still waiting for that one to happen), but this kind of research is so relaxing- I am learning just for the pure joy of learning, and it is nice. For a little while longer, anyway, until I start missing the pressure (yes, I'm masochistic...).

I'm off to do some more fun reading (i.e. looking at pictures) before bed. Have a great week.

Oh, and before I forget- I was informed tonight that tomorrow is the National Library Workers Day. So go hug a librarian!

** Just so we're clear- I think that SF guys are amazing, and the work they do is invaluable. Don't tell Ranger Man this, but I actually think that long-term, SF guys do a lot more good than Rangers do. This is not the time to discuss the merits/demerits of either (although if anyone wants it, I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts). But this is, ultimately, a Ranger household, so if Ranger Man asks, Rangers totally kick butt, no matter what. Yay, Rangers!

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Tiffany said...

Isn't looking forward to a trip the best? When my boyfriend came home from his last deployment we went on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Good luck with learning a new language! It's always fun to learn things for pleasure rather than having the pressure of school deadlines attached.

To answer your question, I am in graduate school for political management at GWU. They actually offer the program online (I'm the first class they are doing this for and being the guinea pig has been quite an adventure). What are you studying?

As far as the post-workout meal goes, I try to make it a good mix of protein and carbs. Usually the easiest thing is a protein shake or just whatever I can grab from the kitchen that doesn't involve too much effort. Sometimes this is just cereal or a banana or something, but I do find that it helps.

Have fun researching for your trip!