Sunday, January 25, 2009

Never Ending Socks of Doom

My blogging mojo is a little off kilter (that is, of course, if I ever really had any blogging mojo).

We're back to the stage where I write in emails and regular letters to Ranger Man, and by the time all of that is over, blogging doesn't seem necessary as I've already written everything once or twice. So... we'll see what happens.

Fortunately, I am still in full possession of my knitting mojo. I am also confident that I have knitting mojo, whereas the existence of my blogging mojo is probably up for debate. I have pictures of much of my compulsive Christmas Knitting. Remember the never-ending socks of doom? That's totally what I called the when I was making them. My feet are 9 inches long. Little, size 6.5-7 (women's) feet. Making socks for me is fun, because the feet are not very long. Ranger Man's father, on the other hand, wears size 14 (men's) feet. They are 12 inches long. ugh. In Steeler's Colors, modeled on my feet...

IMG_0112 IMG_0109

Yeh- I think one is with the flash and one without. The true colors are somewhere in between. And sorry about the cat butt... he was trying to help. The pattern is the Wollmeise Socks, which is most of the way down the page. The pattern may have been okay, except that I was knitting the never-ending socks of doom, so it got pretty old. I had three skeins (due to the ginormous feet), and I think I could have knit another inch on the cuff, but they were top down and I didn't feel like fiddling with it, not to mention the fact that knitting this four row repeat any longer would have been miserable. The yarn- super soft, I'm just hoping it wears well. I switched to size zeros for the toe, to try to make it stronger.

Perhaps I've answered my blogging mojo conundrum, maybe for the next (who knows how many) months this will be more of a knitting blog. Maybe not. Probably just more of me. Dont worry, I have more knitting pictures, but I'll spread them out a bit.


Rebecca said...

I really like the colors in those socks. Very pretty!

loquita said...

Aw, Steelers socks! :-p