Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost there

I'm finally on I-5, which is the "right road" to take to get home. It's still going to be Friday until we actually arrive- but we're so close! The trees are starting to look more normal, and I'm beginning to see familiar chains of restaurants, etc.

For the most part, Webster has been a prince. I have a new picture of him perched atop the highest point in this hotel room, but the shady wireless connection is preventing its upload. He's not happy about this situation, but he's (mostly) been such a great cat.

By the way- was I the only person that didn't know drivers entering California have to pass through an agricultural inspection station? As we were passing from Arizona to California, all of a sudden there were these big signs on the sides of the road "Inspection Station Ahead- all vehicles must stop." I was confused- had I accidentally taken a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico? What were they inspecting? Do I have all of Webster's papers? Ack!

In the end, the Very Nice Inspection Guard informed me that it was an agricultural inspection, and asked if I had any fruits or vegetable... "no." Then the Very Nice Inspection Guard asked if I had any plants or animals... "uh... (gesturing at the big box on the passenger seat)... I have a cat."

He then declared very matter-of-factly in a very deep voice that "Cats are OK."

Insert HUGE sigh of relief from me, until---

"Can I look in your trunk?"

Me, out loud: "sure, no problem." Me, inside my head "please, please, please don't unpack my car- I have no idea how I got this much stuff in here in the first place!"

I believe that Very Nice Inspection Guard saw the jam-packed nature of my car and trunk and decided that I didn't pose an agricultural threat. It made me glad that my stash was on the bottom of the pile in my trunk- I don't know that I would have wanted to explain all that yarn...


Cookie said...


Thank goodness Webster is a nonthreatening cat and there wasn't any trouble. ;^)

They work really hard to protect California's ag business from outside plants and bugs that might be a threat to what is grown here. Invasive non-native plants and animals can do a huge amount of harm if allowed to grow unchecked.

Can you tell I live in the Cali's center valley? ;^)

Holly S. said...

"Cats are okay." Yeah, they'd better be!

I'm glad Webster is tolerating the trip and that you'll be there tomorrow. I hope you've taken lots of pictures of this adventure of yours!