Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holey Moley.

This is hard. Much harder than I thought it would be.

Send wine and chocolate.

It's interesting how even though, cognitively, I know that I've made the right decision... It's still one of the hardest things I've ever done and hurts like the dickens.

More later perhaps, after the wine wears off. There's been lots of wine to cope with today.


Bette said...

Yes, it's going to hurt, and you might even doubt yourself. But stay strong! You are doing the right thing!

Sending virtual chocolate, wine, and bolstering thoughts your way.

loquita said...

It must be so hard to decide that it's time to break up, and then have to wait to physically leave... **hugs** When I went through my hard breakup (calling off a wedding), I just kicked him out of the apartment and re-started my life. Sending you a big virtual pitcher of sangria and the good chocolate you can only buy in Europe. :)

Cookie said...

He wants different things for his life than you want for yours, honey. Keep reminding yourself of that and of what the visit to his family was like last year.

It's only natural that this is going to be hard and painful, but it is worth it because you are worth it and deserve more than living in limbo. It's so easy to just want what you've had and settle for less, but it is TOTALLY worth it to work at getting more and better.

It will get better with time, I promise. The suckiness is just another step away and toward your new life.