Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As promised...

When I was 18 (technically a senior in high school, although only taking classes at the local community college), for three months I dated a guy... we'll call him Mr. M. At 18, three months felt like an eternity and I was devastated when he dumped me like a sack of bricks.

He had just turned 21, and was much more interested in going out and getting drunk than he was in hanging out with me. We stayed in contact for a few months after we broke up, but after that we kind of lost contact. At the time that we dated, he was attending the same local community college as I was, working security at a major department store, and also working part time in a SCUBA shop. Little concrete direction for his life or definite plans other than going out and getting drunk each night. He was never a bad guy, and he didn't do bad things when he was drunk- we just had different priorities. Over time, I of course came to realize that Mr. M and I were simply not meant to be together- and that was perfectly fine. My world went back into orbit and the rest is history.

Until January 2007 (ish?). Out of the blue, he rang my cell phone saying, "Oh, I couldn't remember which K this was..." and we talked a while. Guess what- he's a firefighter! wtf! How on earth am I so predictable that I can find them before they know themselves that they're going to be stupid firefighters? Talking to him was kind of weird, but Ranger Man and I were good and so it was quickly pushed under the rug.

Until a few weeks ago. When he sent me a facebook friend request, on my work facebook page (i.e. the one that only has my work email? the one that he would have had to be truly searching for... ). And then, last weekend after I changed my information on facebook (oh, facebook, the drama you bring!), he started messaging me. And then text messaging me. And then calling me.

He's exactly the same as before- one of his texts from this weekend read "Nothing like ending one hangover with tailgating at 10 in the am," and yesterday's gem was that he loves his job because "it's like high school, only awesome." Right.

Can I just say how IMMENSELY gratifying it is to know that 7 YEARS later, this guy looks me up and has spent all weekend trying to reconnect with me? I have no intention of getting back together with him- but geez. I *told* him that he would regret dumping me. 7 years ago, I told him that I was an awesome girl and that he would wish that he was still with me.

Looks like I was right, Mr. M. Looks like I was right.

And by the way? I'm totally more awesome than I was 7 years ago. I have a Master's degree, and I knit.


Cookie said...

I love it! I'm so glad that he is realizing that he blew it with such an amazing girl.

Lacy Razor of RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Nothing like a blast from the past to brighten things up a bit! I'm delighted that you are finally getting some recognition. You are totally awesome. Don't forget it! :)

loquita said...

this post is pure awesomeness! love it!