Saturday, December 5, 2009

On driving across the country

Shortly, I will be embarking on a cross-country voyage in my car, with a cat. In the long run, driving is going to be the most cost-effective way to get there- but it's also probably the most stressful/longest way there.

My dad really wants to force my little brother to fly out here and then drive back with me. My friend, A has offered to do the same thing. While I feel incredibly lucky, and blessed, to have these options, I really want to make the drive alone. Which I think makes me a little crazy.

I know, logically, that it would be a good idea to have someone with me. I know that I could get more driving done during the day and it would probably be good just to have someone around.

But this drive feels like such a turning point in my life- I've been almost looking forward to the drive itself as a way to wipe the slate clean and focus my mind and my thoughts on myself and moving forward with my life. The drive itself is something that I'm looking forward to as cathartic- a time to mourn and heal. Since it's going to be such a long drive, I figure that I'll have time to go through a lot of stages.

I've planned to take my iPod to listen to podcasts, CDs for music and I'm going to get an audio book or something as well. This drive feels integral to the process of breaking up and moving on, and thus I want to do it alone.

I must be crazy. But really, I may like A and lil bro right now, but I'm sure that I wouldn't like tham any more if I had to spend that much time cooped up in a car/hotel room with them!


Bette said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. Nothing clears my head like a long road trip, so of course I think you're doing the right thing.

Besides, this trip is one you're making for *you* and no one else, and it's only fitting you fly (drive) solo for your new start.

Drive safe!

Holly S. said...

You are not crazy! I totally get it. Before I moved to Columbus I was in a REALLY stressful job and had a couple of days of vacation I had to use before they expired. I drove by myself up into the mountains and got a motel room and just drove around and hung out for four days. It freaked my mom out that I was going to do this by myself, but I just needed the break. You wanting to drive out there on your own makes total sense to me. I'm not Webster will be as understanding. Map your route and make sure someone knows where you'll be, check in with your family each day, and plan ahead for pet friendly motels. That's being smart, not crazy!

Cookie said...

Not crazy at all. I think having that time to yourself will be very helpful. Just remember to talk to Webster a little bit. You don't want his feelings to get hurt.

Have a safe good trip, sweetie.


loquita said...

This makes perfect sense to me -- solo trips are the best for thinking. Drive safe, and call people who you've been meaning to call but haven't in a while. :)