Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 dilemmas

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I am extremely non-confrontational, and that my usual coping strategy is avoidance- when my parents split up, I moved to Georgia partly just to avoid having to deal with it.

Well, now, here I am- unable to avoid any longer. So, here's a quandry... In applying for my apartment, I thought I would need a cosigner, so my dad applied as well (as the cosigner). Turns out, I have enough in my savings account that I don't actually need a cosigner. I found this out because they ran a credit check and my dad's credit literally didn't make the cut. So... my biggest quandry of the day was: do I tell my dad that when my mom left him, she tanked his credit score, or do I simply tell him that I didn't end up needing a cosigner.

I opted for the latter, mostly to keep the yelling to a minimum. It was selfish, and I'm afraid that it will end up being the wrong decision- but I'd rather make the wrong decision in my own apartment (and thus, have the ability to avoid) then tell him now and not be able to get away from him. I'm totally a wimp. And now I want to see my mom even less than I did before.

Much less of a moral dillema is my more frivolous quandry. My new/old work Christmas party is this Saturday... should I go? There has been complete (I mean, 100%) office staff turnover in the almost-3 years that I've been gone, so I'll know few people there. It would be a good opportunity to make new friends, but I'll be spending the entire day moving my stuff (and not knowing where my clothes are), and don't have a date to take to offset my painful shyness around strangers. Seriously? It's not necessary to blush when someone asks you where you went to school. It's not a blush-worthy questions. I wish I could get that through to the part of my brain that controls blushing.

And, just for kicks... Here's Webster enjoying the snuggie (wtf?) we got from my mom for Christmas. He likes it. A lot. I've been using at as a blanket (i.e., without the sleeves)- and every time I bring it out, this is what he does:

must. stay. awake... fail.


Holly S. said...

Has Webster seen that commercial for the Snuggie for dogs? Maybe he's staging a protest until they make a cat version.

Kate said...

Is the snuggie thing made out of polar fleece stuff? If so, my cat does the same thing! He kneads it furiously and then nuzzles all over his face for what seems like a very long time! Congrats on the snuggie, btw. Those things kick butt! ;) Have you gone to the grocery store wearing it yet?

Cookie said...

Love that cat!

Honey, you did the right thing. Your dad is a grown up and should be looking out for his credit himself. I think what happened between him, your mom and the credit people is none of your business because you're not involved... and we want to keep it that way. ;^)

After a day of moving, I cannot imagine anyone expecting you to attend a party. You'll be too busy trying to unpack and figure out where your towels are.