Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to 2010

So an update on my life:

I start work at my new/old job tomorrow. It's the same company that I worked for before I left here to go to the Island, but I'll be doing something completely different- I'll find out tomorrow! I'm only working part time there, so I'm hunting for a second job.

I found an apartment, and I hopefully move in on Friday. It's within walking distance of a yarn store. Heaven. It's much smaller than our apartment in GA, but it's my own place, so I have no complaints.

Mr. M. has continued to call/text- we may be going to a hockey game next weekend? I'm not sure. It never ceases to be completely gratifying to hear from him. On the one hand, I feel like an awful person for getting this much pleasure out of this experience... but on the other hand, I totally deserve it.

I finished a sweater! Well, almost. It's seamed/hemmed, but the ends aren't woven in, and I'm waiting until we move to block it.

It's the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. If the yarn looks familiar... well, it should- it's been on the blog before. This sweater is much better than the original. This would be a good sweater to wear to a hockey game, no?

Welcome to 2010, it's starting out well.


Kate said...

There is a reason that pattern is so popular- it looks amazing! What a great color, and it fits perfectly! Well done!

Holly S. said...

Great sweater! Good job!

Cookie said...

So cute!

Fingers crossed on the job front!