Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Revenge of the Nerdy Girl

So much blog-less time, there's much to catch up on!

Catching you up:

Right before I moved, I managed to completely throw my back out. As in, I couldn't walk for a couple days. My dad and my brother are heroes and moved all my boxes for me, but as my back is still sore, there is much unpacking left to do. However, I can walk now... so I am not complaining.

Because of the aforementioned back injury, I was unable to attend the hockey game with Mr. M. As I could not walk, I didn't think hockey was a good idea. I believe he has since lost interest in me- which is no skin off my back because he is boring anyways. He was kind of getting on my nerves...

In further revenge-of-the-nerdy-girl news (and added to my "I hate facebook" list), I got a friend request the other night from a guy that looked mildly familiar and was from my hometown but I had no recollection of who he actually was. I messaged him a silly "do I know you" message- to which he replied (get this!) "I guess you were more memorable to me than I was to you. I think you had a crush on me in high school."

He thinks that *I* had a crush on *him*? Seriously? Full of yourself much, sir?

Game on, buddy. This nerdy girl is so ready to show you just how much I didn't have a crush on you in high school.

Because of my back, and my looming *real* first draft deadline, there hasn't even been much knitting in the past couple weeks. I've been working on a pair of socks for my friend A- but the 3 x 1 rib seems like it is taking forever. Probably because I've spent most of the last two weeks laying on my stomach on the floor whimpering.

But the most exciting news of all? It's kind of a long story. Ranger Man's cousin-in-law's uncle (that's the long part) is quite literally an expert in my field. Well... he's a practitioner and I'm a historian, but he was a practitioner during the time period I'm writing about and he's the founder of an important institute in this field, etc. He's a former US Ambassador. Months and months after I asked Ranger Man about his possible connection to this individual (it's a unique last name), he finally followed through and I am actually in correspondence with the Ambassador now. In fact, his assistant will soon be contacting me to set up a phone call. How fancy schmancy is that? He's going to talk to me on the phone, about my research! Eek! I'm going to be spending all my spare time until then re-reading his books/studies so I don't sound like a complete dope.

To make up for my lack of knitting or moving... Here is a very sleepy Webster:


Holly S. said...

Sorry about your back. If you were still here, I'd send you to my chiropractor.

Isn't Webster just the cutest?

Rebecca said...

Good luck on your first draft!

Cookie said...

Thank goodness for your dad and brother! What a shame the little kitty can't unpack for you.

Talk about an ego! What is wrong with some men?!

Good luck with the unpacking/healing up/phone call/first draft!