Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So... I told Ranger Man about my blog (I figured that since he was kind of a focal point, and this is public domain and all, he probably had a right to know)... and then I get a message today saying that he had a list of three things he wanted to talk to me about- one of which being my blog (although he stumbled with the wording), and then when I finally got a chance to call him back after class it was late his time because of the time difference. So he was trying to whisper to not wake his roommate, and if you've ever tried to listen to someone trying to talk to you in a whisper via cell phone- you can relate to what a horribly frustrating experience it is, so I told him that I would talk to him tomorrow, when he could actually use a normal speaking voice on the phone.
And now I am waiting. Wow - that was quite an impressive stream of consciousness. I'm just a teensy bit concerned about what he's going to say. Mostly because I have no idea what it's going to be... Hence the hardly-coherent train(wreck?) of thought.

UPDATE: Here's the scoop- apparently he read the posts about him, and then decided that it was just a little too weird, so he said that he wasn't going to read it anymore unless I was there with him... He did say that he was laughing about the Pillow post though. what a goofball.

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